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Find a link on a page and click on it

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Hi all,

I'm making a script to log into a site automatically and then start a WebEx session since this takes a while sometimes manually. It seems pretty simple up to this part. Once I get to the start a WebEx session I have to click on a "Start" link. This link can be located in multiple places on the screen, as there can be multiple webex sessions. Also sometimes a session might be in use so the Start link won't be there in that same place. It will say Join to join in on an on going session.

Is there anyway to find this Start link on a page and send a mouse click on it?

If so, to make it a little more complicated can I find the Start link on Project 1's only below instead of Project 2:

Project 1 random text Start link

Project 1 random text Join link

Project 2 random text Start link

Project 2 random text Start link

Only click on Project 1's Start link, the name Project 1will be on the same line as the Start link.

Let me know if you know of any good solutions.

BTW I just started programming in AutoIt and I think it's awesome. Really useful stuff. :D

-- If the apocalypse comes... beep me.

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