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Tony Wosnjuk

64Bit and IE ... not working

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I'm trying to get AutoIT on Win2003 64Bit to drive IE and it won't work. Same script works on my 32 bit but not on my 64Bit.

Just won't move the mouse.

Here is part of the script

;Download latest and greatest from cm-build-suse

Run('"C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe" http://cm-build-suse:8080/AnthillPro/intra...9;,"", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

WinWaitActive("http://cm-build-suse:8080/AnthillPro/intranet/build-tools.trunk.dev-installer - Microsoft Internet Explorer")

MouseClick("left", 400, 345)


MouseClick("left", 400, 390)

;Wait to the File Download Prompt

What's up with this?



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I don't think you're going to have a whole lot of luck getting a 32-bit application (AutoIt) to work on 64-bit applications.

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