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BartPE Wrapper

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Hi all,

I have been dabbling in AutoIt for a few months now and thanks to this forum have managed to build an application that will aid development of a BartPE environment.

The application currently allows you to: -

  • Create profiles to allow you to efficiently manage plugins
  • Build the environment
  • Integrate BTS drivers
  • Build and ISO
I have attached the source code in a zip file. Let me know your thoughts.

There are more enhancements that can be made but these will come when I get time.

The application requires AutoIt Beta.


Bug Fix: Profiles were not being added correctly under some circumstances


New: Have added the ability to create an ISO that can be loaded into RAM. Once in RAM the BartPE environment will be run from there. This will enable you to remove the CD and still have everything working.


Bug Fix: Although the option to specify an output path for PEBuilder was available it was never used. This is now fixed. Previous settings for PEBuilder will be returned.


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I am trying to build a BartPE CD for first time; I have it going once, but I imagine there would be better ways; maybe not; seeing it does run; just not some parts of my scripts..

clearly your script is advanced, but I would need to know all those settings;

Is there a better way to install autoIt as a "plugin" as I have seen mentioned?

Best, randall

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I'm not sure what you are asking here.

This script is designed to help you build a BartePE CD.

To do this you must already have configured the plugins etc that you want to use.

This script will allow to create and manage profiles of these plugins and also it will allow you to compile the final ISO.

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