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GUI & IniWrite Problems (Not Saving)

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Hiya everyone, I seem to have run into an error involving my program and would like some assistance solving it! I'm creating an automatic login program for a game called Rakion with customizable options and such... Anyways, everything was going fine until I added support for different installation directories. All hell broke loose.

Rather than post the entire script, I will merely provide snippits of the code pertaining to my problem


$ini_Directory1 = IniRead("Rakion Autoloader.ini", "Directory", "NyxLauncher", "")

$ini_Directory2 = IniRead("Rakion Autoloader.ini", "Directory", "ScreenShots", "")

GUICtrlCreateButton ("Save Changes", 15, 260, 110, 25, $BS_CENTER)

GUICtrlSetOnEvent(-1, "configSave")


GUICtrlCreateButton ("Browse", "145", "105", "60", "25", "-1")

GUICtrlSetOnEvent(-1, "Browse")

GUICtrlCreateLabel ("NyxLauncher.exe", 25, 110, 180, 15)

$GUI_Directory1 = GUICtrlCreateInput ( $ini_Directory1, 20, 135, 185, 20)

Func Browse()

$path = FileOpenDialog ( "NyxLauncher.exe", "::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}", "(*.exe)", 3, "NyxLauncher.exe")

return GUICtrlSetData($GUI_Directory1, $path)



GUICtrlCreateButton ("Browse", "145", "160", "60", "25", "-1")

GUICtrlSetOnEvent(-1, "Find")

GUICtrlCreateLabel ("ScreenShots", 25, 165, 180, 15)

$GUI_Directory2 = GUICtrlCreateInput ( $ini_Directory2, 20, 190, 185, 20)

Func Find()

$path = FileSelectFolder ( "Rakion ScreenShot Directory", "", 1, "")

return GUICtrlSetData($GUI_Directory2, $path)


And here's the save code:


Func configSave()

$ini_Security = IniRead("Rakion Autoloader.ini", "Security", "Level", "3")

If FileExists($IniFile) Then



If verDirectory1() == "true" Then

IniWrite("Rakion Autoloader.ini", "Directory", "NyxLauncher", GUICtrlRead($GUI_Directory1))


MsgBox(48, "Error", "Unable to locate NyxLaucher.exe.")


If verDirectory2() == "true" Then

IniWrite("Rakion Autoloader.ini", "Directory", "ScreenShots", GUICtrlRead($GUI_Directory2))


MsgBox(48, "Error", "Incorrect directory for Screenshots.")



I've put MsgBoxes everywhere with every possible combination of value and they all work. GUICtrlRead(...) gives me the correct directory, as does $path, but neither of them save to the ini file. It seems to delete the section of the directory on save aswell, rather than saving... Any ideas?

Thanks for the help,


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