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I'm doing a little utility for a game I own. This program moves some files I download when entering a server to the proper locations so I can use them offline. This is my second version of the app but this time I wanted to try making it in AutoIt3.

Anyway, I need to know how I can make a window with a custom shape using a bitmap. This bitmap has some pixels that will be transparent (usually magenta). Something like this :

Posted Image

I've been looking in the GUI help section but so far I don't quite understand what settings I should use in the GUIcreate command.

If it's not possible this way then is there a way to use Windows API for this? Something like calling a Windows DLL to make the window transparent or masked.

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I'm not sure excatally what you need. Basically, do you just need this application that you're trying to code to copy some files and give you a nifty GUI to do it? If so, you can use AutoIt to find files in specific directories, list them in a list box in a GUI, allow you to select 1 or more files, and then feed these selected files to do something (such as a copy, move, or other tasks.) AutoIt doesn't support custom skins or bitmaps for the whole GUI, although you can put images in your GUI.

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I mean shape the window to the shape of a bitmap (some pixels become transparent and let me see trough). I know this can be acheived by calling a Windows API but that requires some C++ code or something. Isn't there any way to call a DLL externally passing the proper parameters? Oh, I'm not asking on how to do the purpose of the app but only shapeing the window. I can make it in another scripting program but I'd like to use AutoIt3:)

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Hehe, thats what I used to make the first version of my program and I'm using it in this version. However, I'd like to make it in AutoIt3 because in MultimediaBuilder you can't create buttons, etc on run time. They have to be fixed to a certain number when developing the application. Guess it's not a priority for AutoIt.

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