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Will AutoIT Automate batch-like commands in CMD interface?

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Hi all,

Quick question. I am unsure if AutoIT will help me do what I want to accomplish. It would involve basically just batch-like commands for the CMD.EXE interface. What I would want to do create a program to pass the files in a folder through one exe program (with command line options). Then I would want to pass the resulting files through a different exe program, and then pass those files through a third exe program. The first will encode (audio files), the second will analyze track/album gain, and the third will verify the encoding/check for errors. I would like the interface to be as easy as selecting the folder, either checking options or just entering the options or command line variables, then letting it execute each of these three actions.

Will AutoIT automate these three CLI processes for me?

Does anyone have advice/input on using these types of programs to accomplish this?


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Use StdOut and StdIn from the beta.

or you can just run @comspec /c 1st > 2nd > 3th > file.txt

Note that if you want to pass stdout to the stdin of another program, it's a pipe "|", not the redirection arrow ">". So:

Run(@comspec & " /c 1st.exe | 2nd.exe | 3rd.exe > file.txt")

If you ran the following with enough permissions:

Run(@comspec & " /c 1st.exe > 2nd.exe")

...it would have the unfortunate effect of overwriting 2nd.exe with the stdout text from 1st.exe.


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Oh boy, I will need to do some reading a researching. I am too new to this, but with those tips I can search for those functions to start with.

Thanks to both!


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