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Quick question about SendKeyDownDelay

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Opt("SendKeyDownDelay", 150)


work the exact same as

Send("{ALT} down")

Send("1 down")


Send("1 up")

Send("{ALT} up")


From what I've read in the help file it seems it would, the real question is if it works with the alt key and the 1 key simultaneously.

Thanks in advance.

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Make sure to put "up" and "down" inside of {}, and notice that "ALTDOWN" is used instead of "Alt down":

Send("{ALTDOWN}{1 down}")


Send("{1 up}{ALTUP}")

I'm not sure about the timing. Do you want a 150 ms delay after each keypress: Altdown <delay> 1 down <delay> 1 up <delay> AltUp ?

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I'm currently useing a script that uses the down and up method and it's running fine.

Send ("{ALT down}")

Send ("{3 down}")


Send ("{3 up}")

Send ("{ALT up}") 

That was copy and pasted from the script. I guess my question is, will

Opt("SendKeyDownDelay", 150)


hold down both alt and 1 for 150 milliseconds in the same manner as the down>up method I've been useing?
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