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Event when treeviewitem is expanded

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Well, what I'm trying to do is create my own explorer, but I don't know how to tell when the plus next to a treeviewitem is clicked, so I don't need to load all folders on the entire disk at once. I did find this topic in the GUI forum where Holger said it would be implemented.

My question: is it already implemented/possible in another way, and if it is, I should use

GUIRegisterMsg($WM_NOTIFY, "_MyFunc")
right? (guess not, and I don't have a clue what to do after this).

Btw I've tried to understand Holger's/Randallc's explorer, but it's just too complicated for me to follow what's happening for longer than 10 lines, because of all the dll's, which I hardly ever use. BUT if someone could tell me how to convert a control id that looks like this: "1499536" (Holger's explorer)to what I'm used to from autoit, that's ok too.

Tnx in advance

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