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read file line vbs

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Anyone know how to read a file line in vbs? I don't even understand how to open the file yet.

I need it for an autoitx project and autoitx cannot read file lines only ini's


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Here is some sample code:

Dim fso, f1, f2, s

file1 = "C:\WSH\testfile.txt"

file2 = "C:\WSH\@ph\testfile.txt"

file3 = "C:\WSH\testfile2.txt"

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Set f1 = fso.CreateTextFile(file1, True)

WScript.StdOut.Writeline "Writing file"

' Write a line.

f1.Write ("This is a test.")

' Close the file to writing.


WScript.StdOut.WriteLine "Moving file to c:\tmp"

' Get a handle to the file.

Set f2 = fso.GetFile(file1)

' Move the file.

f2.Move (File2)

WScript.StdOut.WriteLine "Copying file to c:\temp"

' Copy the file to \temp.

f2.Copy (file3)

WScript.StdOut.WriteLine "Deleting files"

' Get handles to files' current location.

Set f2 = fso.GetFile(file2)

Set f3 = fso.GetFile(file3)

' Delete the files.



WScript.StdOut.WriteLine "All done!"

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