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Any good guides/tutorial out there?

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I just started working with AutoIT a couple days ago and I keep running into simple problems and having to figure out workarrounds for myself. So far I managed to automate the installation of 25 of 90 programs.

Took me two days before I even discovered Scite's Alt-F6 utility.

I just now learned the difference between Run and RunWait.....


Anyway I am learning through trial an error which is ok, but sometimes you can learn faster by reading a really good tutorial or a well documented, cleverly written script.

I could stop and ask for advice whenever I am stuck, but its usually just faster to read the documentation and experiment on my own.


Does anyone know of any guides, tutorial or even a few well documented/excellently written scripts I can learn from.

I am primarly interested in automating program installs, comon configuration tasts ....

But I might want to add a GUI here and there, for example I might want to write a script that ready a computer for a netowrk, and need to manually select the Computers Name, IP address, Shared Drives .....

Anyway any links to learning matterial would be greatly appreciated.

Failing that if you want to tell me your own personal tips, tricks, workarrounds that woud be wecome as well.

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