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Use popup whit a direct x game

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I have already tried to make it but it still does not work.

I want to make a popup for a game.

So when i press the \ button you will get a pupup into the game to press options ect...

Now does the game work whit direct x 7 and 9

will it work whit a dll file from direct x?

the game name is Call of Duty 2

can someone help me please?

Edited by Erik.

I little problem, hard to find and fix

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I'm only guessing here but...

I believe a 'full screen' game will set the 'always on top' attribute of a window and because it refreshes the screen so many times a second, any GUI you try to put up will either flicker or just not be shown.

You may be able to put up your own GUI but it will probably require injecting into the games DLL somewhere which would most likely get you banned as a cheat.

Sorry, not much help I know.

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nah, they are just like current windows.. or atleast on most,

But im thinking he wants it as part of the actual game window, if you understand what i mean...

Time + Effort = Constant

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