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Trying to make a refreshing bot on Warcraft III

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Hello, I've been thinking about this for two hours. You may have to be familiar with this game to be able to help me.

When someone joins a game, the word "Open" is replaced with their username. The black box around my username is just given to the host. So the only thing that changes when someone joins a game is the word "Open" replaced by their name.

I'd like it to close all the "Open" slots when I push a button.

I have absolutely run out of ideas on how this can be applied. I really don't think pixelsearch will help me on this one. The possibilities of someone matching pixels in the text "Open" aren't that great. but it surely would close the slot on them, thus kicking them from the game. Maybe I'm thinking inside the box too hard?

Although I suspect this is an impossible and irrelevant task.

- Thanks


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I don't know if this would work, but you could do a bunch of mouse clicks.

Mouseclick the second slot>then click closed

Mouseclick the third slot>then click closed


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:D LOL :wacko:

The funny thing is, i thought about making one of these earlier today!!

Except, the problem is that you'd need to enter in the app which slots are too be closed, unless you wanted a MASSIVE pixelSearch/Getcolor to find which slots are open, my sugestion, use a input, then mouseclicks, and be able to check which is open and which is not

otherwise, you could always find the approprate mouse clicks for EVERY map you wanted to play

(Some have 12 diffent forces, so like to make one for footies i'd be like)

$slots1 = InputBox("Slot Refresher", "Input numbers of slots in footies game to Refresh",  "Separate with commas"

$Slots2_ = StringSplit($slots, ",")
$RemainSlots = $slots2_[0]
For $i = 1 to $Slots2_[0]
     For $q = 1 to 12
          If $Slot2_[$i] = $q then
              "_" & $q & "()";<-------------lol this is just a guess, i am not sure how i'd call a function based on a varibale in a For next loop

Func _1();<----------------------------Make new function for each slot finding mouseclicks
;Mouseclick for slot 1 closing
$RemainSlots = $RemainSlots - 1

If $RemainSlots= 0 Then
;Do functions in reverse to open each slot

This is a very rough representation of how you'd probalbly want to code it

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