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Clicking another application's Systray notification balloon?

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I've used AutoIt off and on for a couple of years now to automate little UI routines for the IT products we ship out to our users. I'm currently working on writing a script that automates adding a "Preferred Network" for a users wireless adapter. The configuration portion is pretty much done. Assuming the user is in range of our wireless network, as soon as the network has been added, the computer will attempt to connect to the newly specified network. Since we are using WPA/TKIP, the user must authenticate before they can be connected, and there is some interest in automating that part of the setup process too. The problem is, the user must click the little "Click here to select a certificate.... blah blah blah" balloon that pops up over the wireless adapter systray icon in order to display the "Enter Credentials" window.

So my questions are these: 1. How would I go about clicking a systray balloon with AutoIt? The Window Spy doesn't seem to have any information on it. 2. Is this even necessary? Is there some other way I could use AutoIt to show the Enter Credentials window? I've tried unhiding the window, but that doesn't seem to work.

thanks a lot,


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