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Fishing Bot

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Hello all!

I'm -attempting- to write a fishing bot for an online game. The only problem is, it may be too complicated for AutoIT to handle. It seems straightforward, but I continually run into concept problems when I try and implement what I have in mind.. so I'm asking for advice or help here.

I haven't written any code yet, so don't ask, as all I want is to know is if it can be done.

To get the general "jist" of fishing in this game, I've take three screenshots, showing the fishing rod in three crucial positions: (the fishing rods in the game do come in different colors)

Right: to the right

Left: to the left

Center: in the center

In addition to these positions, which would have to be known, the stamina bar in the lower-right corner is what determines when a fish can be caught. When the fishing rod is in the position to the right, the user must press and hold the key/button that moves left in order to make the stamina bar decrease. When it is to the left, the key/button that moves right must be pressed. However, when it is in the center position, if either keys are pressed, the stamina bar goes back up; making everything useless if the keys are pressed incorrectly. (it can stay in each position for a split second, or perhaps a few seconds...)

To make it even more complicated, certain messages come up in the chat box, such as what you see in the screenshots. These messages determine anything from when a fish is on the line, to when nothing was caught, or if the cast was canceled.

Some examples:

"Something caught the hook!(can be three !!!)"; "PlayerName caught a Black sole!"; "Your line breaks."... etc, etc.

So basically, what I am asking is this: would it be possible to take into consideration everything from the rod moving, to the stamina bar decreasing/increasing, and the messages that appear in the chat box, in order to make a fast and hopefully useful fishing bot? Can AutoIT handle everything needed to make this? I have looked at aimbots on here, and they are much simpler (it seems) than what I am attempting.

(btw, if you recognize the game, yes I know there are commercially available fishing bots - but I refuse to pay for that.)

Thanks for any answers,

Somniis :D

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The rods do move considerably when fishing. The text and such are always static (unless there are many people around continually chatting - which can be filtered out, thankfully).

The stamina bar is what I am mostly worried about. It moves at very regular intervals, so calculating the position (if it is moving up or down, or not at all) in order to press the correct key would be difficult.

Anyhow, thank you for the input Larry. I'm sure it will come in handy. :D

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Edit: Never mind, not for Wow.

Edited by Snarg

A little reading goes a long way. Post count means nothing.

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If you aren't using this for your own growth in coding autoit and are just looking for a working fishbot for ffxi, I recommend finding Onestcoder's bot website, he's releasing a new pack soon that will have a fishbot in it. Otherwise gl on the ffxi one, I had written a fishbot for WoW that became quite popular but decided to give up on ffxi one because it had too many different things to look out for.

On the note of the actual bot:

- The pole, you should be able to get a static range, best thing to do is pick a verticle line somewhere to watch for as to where the pole is and go from there on moving it back to normal

- All the messages, screenshot each one I'd say, open them up, and try to find where a pixel is different in each one, meaning it may be white in this exact spot on this text, but not on any of the others. Also, make sure your chatbox isn't transparent otherwise it'd mess with colors :|

- And try to see if there is a designated time by when the fish will be caught or gone by, that way you can have it start over after that time every time.

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just read your post..

Hmm i have written a fishing bot for FFXI and its not too hard for Autoit to handle.

yes there are many many consideration to put into the program like....

where the rod is

the stamina of the fish

the message "you didnt catch anything"

the dreaded !!!

"you dont have any bait on your hook"

"you cannot fish here"

the type of rod (colour)

the character your using, hume have a different stand to mithra,

background weather changes.

time changes light-dark

rusty buckets

rusty items (gear)

and i have to say i have been testing it for 6 months now, (which i never walk away from the game).

and its now %100 accurate.



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I pulled it off with pure autoit

~~--Feel Free to Steal my Sigs --~~FLAT LOOK____________________________________ROUNDED LOOK

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