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DllCall simulated Drag&Drop of file on Control

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How can you simulate the drag&drop of a certain file on a certain window's certain control?

( reviving http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=28690 )

Have you tried something like using the ControlGetHandle() option and using that as the "window". I was playing with DrawText this evening (Still am, and it's a pain lol), but I had to use the ControlHandle() there as the handle of the window I wanted to GetDC from, and It's worked for that.


P.S., why double post, why not just bump your last thread? You may need to watch this: Forum Posting Guide Lines :D

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I already bumped it, thank you :D..And another problem would be use WHAT as the window WHERE?:wacko:

I don't have a "Simulate_Drag_Drop_On_Window()" function, and the only problem I'm having is wanting to do it on a control...It's different...I need a way to simulate a drag&drop on a window, and then I get to move on to controls...I need the func in other words

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