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Well, this is my first totally done, working script.

It's pretty simple, It just moves (more like copies) files from a folder you specify and moves them to another.

It's got a save thingie so if you usually move the files to the same place (ex: a USB drive) You can just open it up and move em in a few clicks.

Also features a folder create thing, so if you wanna move the files to a folder you haven't created yet, just make a folder quick n easy.

Note: This is mainly for moving stuff to USB drives, otherwise it's not much use. :\


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How about Right Click ---> Copy, Right Click ---> Paste?

how bout no?

And thatsgreat, I was under the impression that FileMove only moved 1 file at a time.

Also, to move it to a USB, for Send where, just put the drive name.

My drive is H:\ so I move it to H:\. Done.


But whatever, It's one of my first scripts so ill consider it practice if it sucks :D

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When i was growing up, one of the treasured quotes I learnt, was:

If you nothing useful to say, maybe it better to say nothing at all.

Alex, good first effort!

What some users here forget, is that the novices trawl this scripts n scraps forum, looking for small

simple working example scripts to learn from. I know I did, when I first came here.

BTW I like the sig image.


Contributions: UDF _DateYearFirstChildren are like Farts, you can just about stand your own.Why am I not a Vegetarian?...Well...my ancestors didn't fight & evolve to the Top of the food chain for me to survive on Salad

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I agree.


Writing simple programs like this help get autoit's syntax down(well i know that stuff helped me), learning how to write UDFs, and so on....

good job alex..

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