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Update MSI summary

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I'm trying to update the MSI summary of an standard msi package we use.

We used to change it with an vbscript function wich works perfect. But when i try to

use is in autoit it somehow doesn't work :D I can read the summary properties but can't seem to update them!

Maybe I'm doing something wrong?? I've been searching

the forums and googled my brains out!! but can't find the problem.

Here is the vbscript function

Function WriteSummary (strFilename,ByVal strPackageCodeValue)
    'On Error Resume Next
    Dim installer : Set installer = Nothing
    Set installer = WScript.CreateObject("WindowsInstaller.installer")
    Dim sumInfo  : Set sumInfo = installer.SummaryInformation  (strFilename,1)
    'msgbox sumInfo.property(9)
    sumInfo.property(9) = strPackageCodeValue
    'msgbox sumInfo.property(9)
    Set installer = Nothing
    Set sumInfo = Nothing
End Function

And here is the same function i rewrote in autoit

Func WriteSummary ($strFilename, $strPackageCodeValue)
;option explicit
dim $oinstaller, $osuminfo, $odatabase
$oinstaller = ObjCreate("WindowsInstaller.Installer")
$odatabase = $oinstaller.opendatabase($strFilename, 1)
$osuminfo = $odatabase.SummaryInformation (99)
MsgBox (4096, "AppID!!", $osumInfo.property(9))
$osuminfo.Property(9) = $strPackageCodeValue

Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong????

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