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Can you change Windows settings through Registry?

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I've written a script that sets up each pc we build @ wrk w/ the same Windows settings (about 500+ lines).


I read somewhere that all of the changes can actually be made via the Registry. So what I did, after a fresh install of Windows XP Home +sp1 on a new PC, was:

1) extracted the Registry (into .reg file) using RegShot

2) setup Windows as usual (w/ above script)

3) re-extracted the Registry (into .reg file) (again w/ RegShot)

4) compared the 2 .reg files & extracted into a 3rd .reg file the changes made (wonderful little proggie RegShot is :huh2: )

then on another fresh install, merged the .reg file into the Registry using my (much smaller) new au3 script & rebooted.

What I expected to happen...didn't. :D


Ok what I'm asking is, does any1 know how (if it is even possible) to do what I'm trying?


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The settings from the registry you put in the registry file:

Are some (or all) of them from the hive key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER ?

If that's the case I don't know what the problem is... Else:

Don't use the settings from HKEY_USERS, because the keys there are computer specific.

Use HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of (example):


Good luck.

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tnx SlimShady for your reply & the info, i'll look into it & get back to you in the next couple of days if i have no luck.

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If you *need* HKEY_USERS, then the following might help. (Requires the latest AutoIt unstable with RegEnumKey support):

MsgBox(4096,"Example", getUserKey())

Func getUserKey()
   Local $i = 0
      $i = $i + 1
      $x = RegEnumKey ( "HKEY_USERS", $i)
   Until StringLen($x) > 16 And Not StringInstr($x, "classes")
   Return  "HKEY_USERS\" & $x & "\"

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you also, have to watch the hard drive when trying to do what you are trying to do. i assume that you are trying to put windows back into a certain state, after a fresh install of windows... you have to account for drivers, possible dll, exe, and inf files... doing just a restore of the registry won't work because the calls could reffer to different things that you hadn't already installed into the fresh install.




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