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Logical operator (my comprehension??) trouble

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I'm likely doing something wrong, :D but please tell me what. :huh2:

Please see my comments inside the code box.



If ($VOLUME2) And (Not FileExists($VOLUME2)) Then MsgBox(0, "", "Vol2 does not exist")

;The first condition is True!
;The second condition is also True, the file does NOT exist! 
;But I don't get the MsgBox!
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You might try DriveGetFileSystem and DriveGetType to check for existance of a partition/volume.

Seems like an AutoIt bug... I am filing a bug report.

If "foo" Then MsgBox(4096,"Test1", "okay")
If "foo" And 1 Then MsgBox(4096,"Hmm", "This should print")
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