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Controlling a telnet session

Guest Nick Burns

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Guest Nick Burns

Hi! Long time user, first time member. Just upgraded to v3 and love the new features.

I'm trying to control a telnet session. How can I pause (without using sleep()) AutoIT to wait for certain prompts to appear before sending it's commands. I need it to wait for the prompts:

Login: [send login name]

Password: [send password]

and then the systems prompt: (root\#) [ send command]

currently I'm using Sleep() and I've got the script compiled to a RunTel.EXE file. If you run RunTel directly, the sleep delays are perfect.

I'm trying to shell() to RunTel from another app, and I found that RunTel runs slower, you can actually see the letters on the Console window. and the sleep delays are off.

The actual application is a web program and when I run the app from the server, the shell()ed RunTel runs even slower. :D

So, if there was away for AutoIT to wait for certain text to appear in the Console before sending it's commands, I'd appreciate any help in the matter.

EDIT: Sorry, just realized that this should be under the Support forum. Mods, please move accordingly. :huh2:

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