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How I can take Part Number from HD?

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I want take real number to have control how many ppl are using my script :wacko:

In this code after guy format him HD and change partitons, vol c: number will be changed. So I cant have real control by HD Part Number


$check = FileExists("test.ini")

If $check = 0 Then

IniWrite("test.ini", "test", "00001")


$s = FileGetTime("test.ini")

$t = $s[5] & $s[4] & $s[0] & $s[1] & $s[2] & $s[3]

$code1a = Log($t)

$code1b = Round($code1a)

$code1c = $code1b * 13

;calc based in vol c:

$hd = DriveGetSerial( "c:\" )

$code2a = $hd - 111000 - $code1c

$code2b = Hex($code2a, 8)

$code2c = Log($hd)

$code2d = Round($code2c)

$code2Final = $code2b & $code2d


I wanna do a calc based in real PN, imutable number. Each PC = Each Code :D

Any Idea???

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