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i wanna make a client to execute filles or registrys("like noveel zenworks")

i made this sow far, the only problem is how can i retrive the computers from domain and lsend them a file

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
GUICreate("Remote Control") 

$n1=GUICtrlCreateList ("", 10,10, 90,100 )

$date=GUICtrlCreateDate ("", 10,95, -1,20 )
GUISetState () 

$msg = GUIGetMsg()
if $msg = $n1 then
GUICtrlCreateList (GUICtrlRead($n1), 210,10,-1,100 )
Until $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
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I made a remote server, however you havn't posted enough to really help on. My signature contains things on TCP which is what you may need to look into. If this is for a virus, then do not bother asking for help, if you need it for personal and home use, make sure it does not seem the other way.

Also most people have outragously different timezones. For example, in my AutoIt ITS project, I am gmt -8, two of them are -7, one is -5, and the other is gmt +7/8. People won't post automatically.

AutoIt Smith

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