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Do i need the whole text for WinWaitActive?

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First: Thank you for the great software.

I have a question related to these syntax:

WinWaitActive ( "Titel", ["Text"], [Timeout] )

I have to handle some Windows with the same titel. So i think i have to use the text as additional indicator.

But the Autoit Window Info shows the whole EULA as the text of my windows. Do i have to copy the whole EULA into the syntax? I don't think that this is the right way.

So i'm looking for a possibility to use only a small part of the shown text to identify the right window.

I hope someone can help me.

And sorry for my bad english...


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"I am a line of title or text characters"

As above, from the left character to any point of a line (e.g. like in bold) is what you can add into a parameter as needed by WinWaitActive and similar Win* functions. You do not need to add the whole line unless you use the Opt() for exact match for just the title.


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