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enhance your browser automation

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I wrote this last night and it works, just wanna share:

this assumes that you retreived an object $oIE for the browser in question and that this object is visible from within the function

Func _HEUpdateCell($pOldData, $pNewData)
   $oTables = _IETableGetCollection ($oIE)
   For $oTable In $oTables
      If IsObj($oTable) Then
         $TRows = $oTable.rows
         For $TRow In $TRows
            If IsObj($TRow) Then
               $TData = $TRow.GetElementsByTagName ("td")
               For $TDatum In $TData
                  If $TDatum.innerHTML == $pOldData Then
                     $TDatum.innerHTML = $pNewData
EndFunc ;==>_HEUpdateCell

hope it's useful for someone out there


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