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Guest Beefteck

File install help!

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Guest Beefteck

Ok, I know that the Help File has this in it but I am having trouble making like a GUI that will install the program I made. Here are a few reasons/things i want to

*Any one can download this installer and run it from thier desktop and it will make the right folders and files in C:\

*A GUI Interface, like a box that is centered with an accurate progress bar (i know how to make those but not incorperateing them into a GUI) maybe a little bit of text and a picture too...

Basicly what I have is a .exe and a folder called Data. Inside that folder there are other folders and data used to run the program. When I made and installer that will install off my desktop i realized that it will say like (for example) C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop on mine and C:\Documents and Settings\Buba BOO!\Desktop on another computer. I need a GUI self extracter basicly.. well I do not know if that is clear at all or if anyone needs any more info on it but anyway please tell me what i should do and what you think below thank-you all for tha help -peace beefteck :D

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