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Guest Guest_TimBs

Problems with Dos commands

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Guest Guest_TimBs


I'm trying to display results from a Doc command to a window eg Net View. I'm using the following code which I found on your site



controlsend(@comspec,"","","Net view{enter}")


controlsend(@comspec,"","","!{space}es{enter}") --- not sure what this is doing



Problem are:

1. I want to hide the Dos window but don't seem to be able to get a result if I use @SW_HIDE in the first line

ie Run(@comspec,"",@SW_HIDE)

2. This code works on a Win 2000 box but not NT

Can anyone help please

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;Stock standard AU3
    $sResultsFile = "C:\results.txt"
    RunWait(@comspec & " /c net view >" & $sResultsFile,"",@SW_HIDE)   
    $sResults = FileRead($sResultsFile, FileGetSize($sResultsFile))
    Msgbox(4096 + 48,"net view >" & $sResultsFile,$sResults)

;Alternative using CB
    RunWait(@comspec & " /c net view|cb","",@SW_HIDE)   
    $sResults = ClipGet()
    Msgbox(4096 + 48,"net view|cb",$sResults)

For CB.EXE add-on utility, see here in the Scripts And Scraps Forum


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Guest Guest_TimBS

Hi, Thanks for that --- it's brilliant, just what I wanted

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