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Ok. Seeming how I am making process manager stuff. This is PListD. ProcessListDeviant. What it does is find any and all processes deviating from a list you set (Using F1) and notifies you. Allows you to log them, and add them to the new list. This checks 3 times per second.

F1 = Set List

I hope you like. It's rough code, but atleast you will know if ANY process you didn't set in the list is started.

This will definatly help if your computer is acting up and weird processes start out of no where. :D

AutoIt Smith

P.S.: I hope I am finally contributing to the forums again.

Edit 1 : In the future, I am going to be making a function that allows you to Add onto a list and save it, so that you don't need to reload and reset the list everytime a process is reclosed and opened.

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