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Help Please!

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1stly the folder is a cdrom, for example "01-06-04 Off The Net" (the mask for the folder is "01-??-?? Off The Net" as the month & year keeps changing).

here's the code:

If NOT FileExists ( $OTN_CDDrive & "\01-??-?? Off The Net" ) Then Exit

Dim $FolderToCopy = $OTN_CDDrive & "\01-??-?? Off The Net"

MsgBox ( 0, "", "Folder to copy = " & $FolderToCopy )

DirCopy ( $OTN_CDDrive & "\01-??-?? Off The Net", "c:\" )

the $OTN_CDrive is 'd:' (for example)

if i have:

[code]If FileExists ( $OTN_CDDrive & "\01-??-?? Off The Net" ) Then MsgBox ( 0, "", "Folder Exists!" )

then I get a MsgBox.


Ok, what I'm trying to get working is:

If NOT (a folder matching the Mask exists on "d:") Then Exit

Dim $FolderToCopy = "d:" & "\01-??-?? Off The Net"

MsgBox ( 0, "", "Folder to copy = " & "d:\01-06-04 Off The Net" )

DirCopy ( "d:" & "\01-??-?? Off The Net", "c:\" )

ending with an exact copy (+subfolders+files) on the c: drive, as in:

c:\01-06-04 Off The Net\*.*


Any ideas any1?

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