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Can I use this style on an icon control? I tried, but maybe I'm doing this wrong. When I use a Picture control the whole GUI window drags otherwise.

I simply want the icon to move when I hold the mouse down and move the mouse. How would I do this?

(Similar to dragging icons on a desktop)

Also, how would I be able to check whether the mouse button is held down.

Thanks in advance...


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I believe this is possible. (This idea is assuming you are using "OnEventMode", but you cold use it with polling also im sure)

so you set the icon to a function when it is clicked, then use larry's mousehook ( http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=23173 ) and do somthing like -


While MouseClickIsDown

Just an idea...

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Using GUIGetCursoInfo you will get the state of the left mouse-button as

well as the ID for the control the mouse is hovering over. Use that info

together with GUICtrlSetPos and things should start to move...

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