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search in help file (BETA I think) for '_IsPressed '.

I think you don't want to read every key which is pressed by user? :D


Ok...so i cant get that to work the way i wanted...i actuall only want it to read a few keys after a certain thing is typed... how in the world can i get it to do that...is this just way too complicated for me?

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The post against keyloggers merely sais that you cant record every key.. but if you just want to read little bits of info its fine? =/ He just wants to know whats typed after something :wacko:


Does that sound like someone who wants to steal a password that's typed after a username? :D


"Never mistake kindness for weakness."-- Author Unknown --"The highest point to which a weak but experienced mind can rise is detecting the weakness of better men."-- Georg Lichtenberg --Simple Obfuscator (Beta not needed.), Random names for Vars and Funcs

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How would i use that to read in keys typed?...helpfile says it sets functions to keys

If you want a few keys to be read and have an event happen because of it, then HotKeySet() would do it. An example is in the Helpfile for using HotKeySet(). Obviously, you do not want to read a key and do nothing, so HotKeySet() may help you accomplish your ??? task.


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