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Right clicking the taskbar

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Well here's what I got:

Opt( "WinTitleMatchMode", 4 )
ControlSend( "classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", "ToolbarWindow322", "{APPSKEY}" )

And uh, it doesn't right click the taskbar. I want to automate the process of adding a toolbar like the quicklaunch bar, but I wasn't able to get beyond step 1. TIA you scripting gurus!

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Guest >Stupid<

get the screensize and depending on that have it right click a certain location like

If @DesktopHeight = 1024 Then
MouseClick ( "right", some x, some y )
Elseif @DesktopHeight = 800 Then
MouseClick ( "right", some x, some y )
And so on

but it wont work if they have the taskbar on the left, right, or top location...

i will try to figure it out using the code you already have though...

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CS, that worked, thanks!  Why didn't my code work though?

Probably the same reason that ControlSend fails (but Send works) for this:

$title = "Untitled - Notepad"
ControlSend($title,"", "Edit1", "{APPSKEY}")

The AppsKey might be one of the keys that does not work with ControlSend

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