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Problem with clicking on picture

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Heres a post I made in Scrips and Scraps

but it says its not a general suport forum so I decided to also post it here.


Could someone inform me on what to change if I want to search the screen for "test.bmp" and click the picture.

$image = _findImageOnScreen("test.bmp", "0,0,0,0", 0)

If $image <> 0 Then
    For $r = 1 to UBound($var)-1
        MouseClick($var[$r][1] , $var[$r][2], 20 )

Dosnt work ([took code from example]I have test.bmp in the same directory)

Thanks in advance


[quote name='DaleHohm']You have a strange habit of posting error messages that don't match your code.[/quote][quote name='SmOke_N']Forget the learning... straight to the scripting :lol: (laugh.gif)[/quote]

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