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Window Handle

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Suppose I have a few Windows Explorers windows open. With this line I open a new window:

Run("c:\windows\explorer.exe /e, C:", "", @SW_HIDE)

Then I want to move the new window to a specific location.

How do I get the handle to the newly opened window? I mean I need to do something like this:

$handle=WinGetHandle(Run("c:\windows\explorer.exe /e, C:"), "", @SW_HIDE)

WinMove($handle,"", 0, 0, 200, 200)

Is there a way of doing it?


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Run() returns a PID... pass that pid to the processgetwin function here...



Thanks Larry. I think there is a typo in _ProcessGetHWnd.au3. Line 30 should read:

Local $aReturn[1][1] , $aWin = WinList($sTitle)

Anyways, how I can move/resize a window using $handle? WinMove uses window title.

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