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Shaun Gillissen

Open standard Windows Global Group Properties Page

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1st let me start with I'm new to Autoit however I'm really dig'n it. Most of my scripts are really involving pulling and modifying Active Directory attributes at this point.

For a quick background, I've delegated out permissions for users to administer global groups that they "own" so there is less work for me, currently I'm creating a new modified mmc with a ldap filter to each user to manage there groups. Get's annoying after a while, anyhow in Autoit I've been able to create a nice simple GUI to lits all the groups that a user owns by using @Userlogon. What I'm trying to do from here is have it so that a user can get the properties of that selected global group in the listview by clicking on it and open the standard windows properties page for the group so they can add/remove the users required.

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