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Question about process speed of _IELoadWaitTimeout

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I have a small question about the _IELoadWaitTimeout part of the IE script.

I've been using _IELoadWaitTimeout in scripts of mine and noticed that the scripts only continue when the page is loaded after maybe 1-2 seconds, so the IE page is finished loading (clearly visible, well I just observe the "done" text in the status bar) and only after a short time the rest of my script is executed. Is it possible to alter anything, maybe in the code of the IE script itself to speed up the process so that as soon as the page is finished loading there is no small delay?

Or maybe an alternate little script that checks faster for a page to be loaded?

I know it's a stupid thing but I'd like to see my script get a faster response on loading a IE page.

Thanks for all the hard work on the IE script, it rules.

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I also tried a little script like the following:

AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)
$WinTitle = "Internet Explorer"
While 1
If StatusBarGetText($WinTitle, "") == "Done" Then

But for some reason it doesn't work and gets stuck in a loop.

I was hoping if this worked it would respond faster to a loading page.

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