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ClipSaver.au3, A Clipboard text manipulation appliance and browser companion.

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Here's the problem:

You search forum and find a cool, must have, "i need it" script/snippet..

If it has a link

Click link

Doh! :) opens in browser. :)

Now what?? You could click Back, and Right Click Save As, change the name of index.php to whatever you want.

You could copy, paste, save like below as when the code is in a posted message..

Copy to clipboard

open text editor (if it isn't already)

paste the code.

save as.

do it all over again for the next script /snippet.

:whistle: Ugh!

Try ClipSaver. :lmao:Clipboard text manipulation appliance and browser companion.

Clipsaver hooks the clipboard change notification messages.

  • It will open the Save dialog on when data is posted to clipboard ( in automatic mode)
  • It will allow appending more data to the clipboard. (in append mode)
  • If will check if the data is a url and prompt to save and attempt to directly save file.
  • Explicitly save clipboard.
  • Explicity clear clipboard.
Automatic mode is set to work with Firefox (and IE -minimal testing )





Note: It is not limited to just browsers, It will work with any app that pastes text data to the clipboard.

Edit: upload correct files.

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