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Anything to binary (and Files over TCP)

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Its bin some time since i actualy needed so ask something, but i'm stuck here.

I still have the problem, like most of u. To easily transfer a file. And as fast as possible.

the null char is still a problem and actualy a good solution for this isn't relaly there (like and UDF)

if seens some solitions like a script with conver.exe, but that shows up as an virus, so that sucks -.-

now is my question:

Is there anyway (maby trough a dll) to read a file and return it as binary (the 01 stuff)

The reason i want it this way is simple, I use small files that need tobe transfered so the buffer size is gonna be HUGE with all that binary.

And i'll be using a counting function to scrop it up. so like this

11100101 will become 32111. wich is already 3 chars smaller for this 1 byte :whistle:.

after sending, it will just decrypte it again and write it as binary (wich also is a problem, since i dunno how -.- )

So is there any nice guy who can make a DLL for this, or just somebody who has a better idea for transfering my jpg files :)

thanks for reading fella's

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Use _Base64() to encode/decode your binary files. http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=21399



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