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Registery and Spyware

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I have two questions :

After running the command REGEDIT /E c:\reg.txt

and after studying the reg.txt

i found that trace of uninstalled programs remain in the Registry :

with a biginning like this .....


The first question is :

Can i easy remove them competely with all references of the uninstalled program with autoscript ?

I am using XOFYSPY to scan spyware and getting the following typical results :

vendor = Randomly Namd Trojan

Type = File

Category = Malware

Object = c:\windows\ipta32.exe

Danger = Threat

Most of the time the progam refers to an exe file as tröjan and so on .....

as my understanding these files are planted to my computer while i am surfing the web .....

what happens if i remove thse files ?

i am not sure if thes files are tröjans or infected windows files .

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Malware authors use different techniques. Some do not even go near the registry.

No offense intended: From the depth of your technical questioning, I would doubt that you would have the skills to identify and remove badware. Why not try AVG (free) and AdAware SE personal edition (free) and Spybot - Search & Destroy (free) as your suite of tools to protect you from harm? These people do it all day, every day, and can spot a nasty at ten paces. They are reputable, free, and have frequent updates. They seem to cover most bases.

Why re-invent the wheel?

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