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Stdin/Stdout redirection resource.

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I know there have been requests to have AutoIt grab output from console programs. SciTE (Among other editors) uses this method to capture output from AutoIt when using the new /ErrorStdOut. The thing about SciTE is we can see it's source to get an idea how to do it. I've just had a look and I found at least one function that seems to do most (or all) the work.

I just glanced over it, it's over 300 lines long and appears to be using named pipes among other things. If this is something seriously being considered, then SciTE seems to be a good source for one implementation of a method. For those who are curious, it's in the file SciTEWin.cxx which is in the win32 directory of SciTE. The function in particular is SciTEWin::ExecuteOne().

When I find some time, I intend to look at it further and attempt to figure it out. But I probably won't attempt to port it for AutoIt use any time soon. I'm posting this in case anybody else wants to take a crack at it.

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