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Issue with Controlsend

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Have not been here in a while, but I guess when I need help I come crawling on back...

Here is the issue

$pWORA = ('W{ASC 058}\Ora01.102.en.001\dba\oracle.cmd{Enter}')
    Runwait(@ComSpec & ' /c Start "foo"',@SystemDir, @SW_HIDE)

That is a piece of the code I am using. The issue I have is this. My control send works fine in the US, but in Japan it fails ASCII issue.

Now if I try to use a Send I run the risk of user interferance and I am forbidden by the client to stop the users from messing around. But if I control send the : key it comes up as a ; in the dos window. I tried setting the control send to 1, no effect. I tried using the {:} idea, no effect. And I tried the {Shiftdown} ; , no effect.

So does anyone know a way I can solve this issue? My first thought was sending the information to a text document, but I run in to a similar character issue because of the Japanese machines.

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Does it work if you do this, probly wont change it though

$ComSpec = @ComSpec
    $pWORA = ('W{ASC 058}\Ora01.102.en.001\dba\oracle.cmd{Enter}')
    Runwait($ComSpec & ' /c Start "foo"',@SystemDir, @SW_HIDE)

Prolly wont make a difference, but, Who knows xD

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