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any DOM like tools for making it easier to send data

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Here's the setup

I have several different programs (Filemaker Pro 8.0, Act! 6.0, and peachtree accounting) - for work - the contacts are stored in each of them - I need to be able to put the data in one database and be able to pull it through to the other.

currently i navigate act and peachtree with mouseclicks and tabbing. But while that worked originally - it isn't the right way to do it - and it can lead to mistakes (especially when it is used by other people ocassionally)

I need to find out either using objects (and using the With $o_actdatabase blah blah) or controlsendtext/gettext

to fill in the fields.

Problem is that with Act, when you use controlsendtext - it doesn't put it in the right spots - even though my autoit window info program says that the field is that one - it really isnt. its wierd.

I tried using microsofts DOM - and I'm too confused and lost. So yeah - is there any other programs like Autoit window info that maybe work better or can help me figure out the object names and stuff?

I know i'm kinda going around in circles - but i'm sure i'm not the only one who has this issue.

Thanks all!

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Note my problem relates to this guy's


I need to not only put text but pull it.

the issue here though is that it may be used on other people's computers

I have tried using this : http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=22490

But to no avail - Is there any way to find info about the object names and stuff?

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