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GUISendMsg and Windows control documentation

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OK, maybe I'm missing something, this looks like a great resource for information about all the different messages and what not, but where do you get the hex code numbers that these translate to, that you have to use in AutoIt?

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Hmm, I can't see that that program actually provides the hex code for the constants, which is what I need.

Set it to display contant declarations in C++ or similar.

You should get output like this:

public int LB_ADDSTRING = 0x00000180;

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Find yourself a copy of "winuser.h". I'm sure you can find a page with it on the net. It defines almost all the constants. It's where I go to find any messages/styles. Also, "comctrl.h" may have a few in it but don't take my word on that one.

Edit: I should note that if you download about any C compiler for Windows, free or otherwise, you can find a copy of winuser.h. Since I have a C++ compiler installed, I have a copy which I use.

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