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String break not working

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SciTE is having a cow over this stringsplit varible


$list = StringSplit("88|4186.01|89|3951.07|86|3729.31|85|3520.00|84|3322.44|83|3135.96|82|2959.96|81|2793.83|80|2637

.02|79|2489.02|78|2349.32|77|2217.46|76|2093.00|75|1975.53|74|1864.66|" &_


.73|64|1046.50|63|987.767|62|932.328|61|880.000|60|830.609|59|783.991|" &_


164|49|440.000|48|415.305|47|391.995|46|369.994|45|349.228|44|329.628|" &_


998|33|174.614|32|164.814|31|155.563|30|146.832|29|138.591|28|130.813|" &_


817|18|73.4162|17|69.2957|16|65.4064|15|61.7354|14|58.2705|13|55.0000|" &_


30.8677|2|29.1353|1|27.5000|", "|")

it says theres a syntax error after the first "&_"

please help

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There should be a space between & and _

Oh... i never knew spaces made a difference, because the don't when to connect string to variable or string to string

thanks though

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