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Popup blocker?

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I was thinking of starting a project to further my knowledge of AutoIT, and I got to thinking about how poorly a lot of the popup blockers that I've tried work. I know AutoIT can check for window titles and close a window. I can easily detect any open internet explorer windows with this code:


This is set off whenever an Internet explorer window is opened up. This seems to effectively pick up on any open internet explorer windows, but the problem I ran into was trying to think of a way to keep track of blocked popups. The title would be useless, as a million different sites could have the same title. Then I thought of the URL. It would work, but what about popups with disabled menus, that have no address bar to read from? I need to know if there is something about a window I can use to store in a block list, that the script can read line by line, and if the script finds it in the list, it closes the window. So I ask once again, Can an effective popup blocker be made in AutoIT? Any advice/info/suggestions appreciated.

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