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DllStructCreate and complex structs

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I would realy love to use the libgd dll with AutoIt.

First step : define the DllStructCreate for the returned dll vars.

And I need help :whistle:

It seems like the following struct includes itself.

So is it possible ? Wich type can I use for a struct in a struct ?

The au3 doc explains how to do with a "char[128]" element.

How do I declare "char **pixels" ?

Most gd functions return (or use) the gdImagePtr type.

I'm a bit lost...

Thanks for your help !


typedef struct gdImageStruct
    /* Palette-based image pixels */
    unsigned char **pixels;
    int sx;
    int sy;
    /* These are valid in palette images only. See also
       'alpha', which appears later in the structure to
       preserve binary backwards compatibility */
    int colorsTotal;
    int red[gdMaxColors];
    int green[gdMaxColors];
    int blue[gdMaxColors];
    int open[gdMaxColors];
    /* For backwards compatibility, this is set to the
       first palette entry with 100% transparency,
       and is also set and reset by the 
       gdImageColorTransparent function. Newer
       applications can allocate palette entries
       with any desired level of transparency; however,
       bear in mind that many viewers, notably
       many web browsers, fail to implement
       full alpha channel for PNG and provide
       support for full opacity or transparency only. */
    int transparent;
    int *polyInts;
    int polyAllocated;
    struct gdImageStruct *brush;
    struct gdImageStruct *tile;
    int brushColorMap[gdMaxColors];
    int tileColorMap[gdMaxColors];
    int styleLength;
    int stylePos;
    int *style;
    int interlace;
    /* New in 2.0: thickness of line. Initialized to 1. */
    int thick;
    /* New in 2.0: alpha channel for palettes. Note that only
       Macintosh Internet Explorer and (possibly) Netscape 6
       really support multiple levels of transparency in
       palettes, to my knowledge, as of 2/15/01. Most
       common browsers will display 100% opaque and
       100% transparent correctly, and do something 
       unpredictable and/or undesirable for levels
       in between. TBB */
    int alpha[gdMaxColors];
    /* Truecolor flag and pixels. New 2.0 fields appear here at the
       end to minimize breakage of existing object code. */
    int trueColor;
    int **tpixels;
    /* Should alpha channel be copied, or applied, each time a
       pixel is drawn? This applies to truecolor images only.
       No attempt is made to alpha-blend in palette images,
       even if semitransparent palette entries exist. 
       To do that, build your image as a truecolor image,
       then quantize down to 8 bits. */
    int alphaBlendingFlag;
    /* Should the alpha channel of the image be saved? This affects
       PNG at the moment; other future formats may also
       have that capability. JPEG doesn't. */
    int saveAlphaFlag;

       part of the structure can be safely changed in new releases. */

    /* 2.0.12: anti-aliased globals. 2.0.26: just a few vestiges after
      switching to the fast, memory-cheap implementation from PHP-gd. */
    int AA;
    int AA_color;
    int AA_dont_blend;

    /* 2.0.12: simple clipping rectangle. These values
      must be checked for safety when set; please use
      gdImageSetClip */
    int cx1;
    int cy1;
    int cx2;
    int cy2;

  typedef gdImage *gdImagePtr;

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