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variables within the run command? (help please!)

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Guest Guest_andrew


i'm trying to write an installation script, and i'm having a little trouble.

i have a file called setup.exe, in the root folder of a cd. it is supposed to call up another program called javainstall.exe, which is in a folder called "scripts". here's what i've tried, but it doesn't seem to be working:


~rest of script~

$scriptdir = @ScriptDir

$result = StringLeft($scriptdir, 3)

$scripts = $result & "scripts\"

run ("javainstall.exe", $scripts)

it says it can't find the file, but if i put the javainstall.exe in the root folder, it then works, even though it shouldn't be looking there.

can anybody help please?

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Guest Guest

oops that wont work instead of

run ($result & "\scripts\javainstall.exe" )


run ($ScriptDir & "\scripts\javainstall.exe" )

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