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Embedding the " in a string

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I am creating a shortcut to cmd.exe as follows:

FileCreateShortcut(@SystemDir&"\cmd.exe", "My Link.lnk", $installDir, "/e:on /f:on /K "&$installDir&"\envVars.bat && cls", "Command Shell", $installDir&"\bin\myExe.exe")

The problem is that the link is invalid, because in order to concatenate two commands when using the option /K in cmd .exe the string requires to be within " characters. How can I embed the " character within the string?

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Create a new variable:

$cmdString = "/e:on /f:on /K "&Chr(34)&$installDir&"\envVars.bat && cls"&Chr(34)


FileCreateShortcut(@SystemDir&"\cmd.exe", "My Link.lnk", $installDir, $cmdString, "Command Shell", $installDir&"\bin\myExe.exe")

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