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Problems with my script or combobox

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1-Hello there, i've managed to select an existing combobox item by using _IEHeadInsertEventScript , but the thing is that the script only execute the last instruction, it doesn't execute all the onclick instructions at the same time. can you help me? what can i do?

Here in the code you can see two instructions but it only executes the last instructions when i click with the mouse for example.

_IEHeadInsertEventScript ($oIE, "document", "onclick", "FullList('8224', Form1.nomProfesion, lisoficioprofesion);")

_IEHeadInsertEventScript ($oIE, "document", "onclick", "FullList('8224', Form1.nomOcupacion, lisoficioprofesion);")

2-Another question...how can i use the onload event with this instruction?, it seems that it doesn't work at all.

3-There is some way to use Javascript inside AutoIt?

Thanks :whistle:

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@ 1 and 2- don't know...but maybe try posting in the IE thread...like i said before you can't expect the general suport forums to support every script posted in scripts and scraps becuase they are not 'standard' even though they are cool :whistle:

@3 someone asked this question with about C# before and the answer is kinda the same- yes its possible but you don't want to...really :) additionally the problem with java is that even though it is 'possible' it hasn't been done yet so you'd be looking at making your own compiler essentially...

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