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PixelGetColor - how robust is it?

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Hi guys,

I'm a rather new guy with autoit with a good programmig experience in other languages.

I like Autoit so much, it is easy, and have lot of possibilities.


I've created a simple script for a game, to constantly (in 1 minute intervals) check a pixel on the screen and if a given color appears there, then execute a couple keystrokes.

In 90% of the cases it is working well.. but there is a 10% of cases, when the getpixelcolor returns completely weird information (ive doublechecked the color of the given pixel from a screenshot, and it is not what getpixelcolor returned), and only the 3-4-5 th trial returns the correct color value. Of course, during these trials nothing happens on the screen...

So the question: have anyone noticed such behavior? If so, if there any way to fix/workaround it?

Can it casuse problem that Im trying autoit to control a DirectX game?

EDIT: meanwhile I've found lot of post about this stuff... so sorry for the hasty posting....

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If the window loses focus it could cause an issue. Do this when your testing... Open AutoInfo.exe .... Under each of the pixel searches put MouseMove(same x coord as pixel get color, same y coord as pixelgetcolor), and hit Ctrl+Alt+F so you can see that area enlarged and the actual color on the AutoInfo tool (I always keep it up top but not active).

This is how I debug alot of my own stuff, but I find often it was forgetting to do something specific in my code.


Also make sure you use the same MouseCoordMode that your using the PixelCoordMode with.

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Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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