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Getting started with AutoIt

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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to figure out how to get started with AutoIt and need some help with the installation.

It "think" I'm wanting to work with the beta version. Should I install the official version first and then install the beta on top of it?

In looking at the list of files for the beta download I see a number of different files:








Should I use the 132 or 133 version?

Should I use the zip file or the beta-setup file?



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I'd use an install file for when you want to install autoit on the hard drive.

The zip file should be used as a backup if your includes or examples are missing. Zip is also useful for portable drives or temporary storage (Zip disks)

Download the Latest version. More bugs were fixed, but some things are kind of flaky. I stuck with the old beta version because labels were kinda screwy. I recommend starting with the newest possible version. More support will be available and more things were added

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  • Download the stable setup (needed to install beta).
  • Download the latest beta setup (currently 133).
  • Get a editor supporting AutoIt3-syntax etc. Scite4AutoIt3 is a good example.
  • Run %programfiles%\AutoIt3\beta\Extras\Toggle AU3 Beta.au3 to toggle beta/stable.
Think that's a pretty good start..

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